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Shiseido Coenzyme Q10 Extive Cream N for Anti-Aging

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Shiseido Coenzyme Q10 Extive Cream N for Anti-Aging

The great product, which contains Coenzyme Q10, stabilized vitamin C, vitamin E, panthenyl ethyl and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate as active ingredients, helps whiten and lighten the skin tone.

How to use:

Just before going to bed, scoop out about one pearl-size amount of the face cream, then gently massage it into your face.


'Extive Extract' [moisturising components] (Coenzyme Q10, Water soluble collagen, Acetylation- Hyaluronic Acid Nitrate, 'Hiougi' extract [type of plant], Plant-based squalane, Glycerin concentrate), Vitamin E derivative, Glycyrrhetinic stearyl acid.

Contains : 30g

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